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a collection of successful projects to inspire
your inquiry and give you a taste of my work

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building an online shop

In the late months of 2020, Germany headed into another lockdown and Yoga studios amongst others, had to close. In order to stay connected to our customer base and leverage an untapped source of income,  I built up an online shop for the Yoga studio I was working for, including photography work, editorial work and the operational set up of the e-commerce space.

creating yoga mat bags and sourcing deadstock fabric

I love connecting the dots. When I got the request to find an alternative solution for yoga mat packaging with the preference for sustainable material, I knew just where to go to: Together with a supplier based in Europe that I know from personal projects, we worked on the design of a bag that suits multiple yoga mat sizes. My special request went to using no new, but only cut-off-rest materials they had in stock. This supplier is known for its high quality linen products, grown and made in Europe and this makes the 100% linen bag eco-friendly and easily recyclable.

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crowdfunding circular athleisure wear

Besonnen Fashion is a Berlin brand for sustainable, versatile athleisure wear. In 2021, we collaborated on their latest project of a launching a product innovation: circular, zero-waste blouses.

Within Besonnen's team, we had an exciting and dynamic time building and spreading the successful Crowdfunding campaign across various social media channels. 

speaking about circularity in Fashion

In my role as Sales Coordinator & Environmental Representative as Nudie Jeans, I had the great honor to speak about my passion, interconnectedness in the fashion and textiles industry, for a great audience. At the 22nd forum on Eco-Innovation of the European Commission, in Vienna 2019, I spoke about how Nudie Jeans integrates circularity in the textiles industry as a best practice case study. 

I'm available to speak, prepare and present about material concerning sustainability in fashion, mindfulness and holistic approaches across creative industries. 


hosting day retreats on
Yoga, Mindfulness & Nutrition

This retreat was constructed around freedom of body, mind & spirit. Together with my co-teacher, we conceptualized, organized and hosted a holistic day retreat, including Yoga classes, Osho Meditations, Lectures and amazing Ayurvedic food by my dear friend, cook and nutritionist, Carina.

My work is available for the creation of holistic events and spaces, that foster a capsule of comfort, a space to open up, integrate and fill your cup.

creative direction of holistic products

In this project I conceptualized the moodboard and managed communication, collaboration and realization of ceramic cups for the Ajeet Store, made by the ceramicists of wearestudiostudio. 

The cups turned out to be a high-quality, locally made product, that reflects Ajeets brand as a musician and her release at the time "Kiss the Earth". 

I'm open to co-create with sustainable brands, that value a holistic and creative approach to their visions. Reach out to call them into reality.



an invitation to discover the gold of self-knowledge. 

a tool of self-empowerment. a chance to build structures of Self(-trust), including networks of uplifting neural pathways, supportive belief systems, routines and creativity.

your unique Coaching time capsule. for a change in perspective,

a fresh wave of clarity and confidence.

for walking the path of life responsibly, creatively & courageously.

certified, safe, experienced. in fluent English or German.

rates upon request.


read what people who have worked with me say. provided in their native language and translated below.

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"Das Coaching bei Ramona war echt toll! Sie ist mit mir sehr strukturiert und empathisch an mein Thema „Abgrenzung“ herangegangen. 

 Ich habe mich mit der lieben Ramona auf eine Reise in mein Inneres gemacht, um dieses Thema intensiv anzugehen. Sie ist sehr offen und vor allem ohne Vorurteile an die Sache herangegangen. Sie hat immer die richtigen Fragen gestellt, um alles aus mir herauszuholen. Danke Ramona für die spannende, erhellende und intensive Zeit.

Es war eine sehr intensive Erfahrung. Ich danke dir für alles, liebe Ramona."

- Alex, 28.

"The Coaching I did with Ramona was truly great. She approached my topic "boundaries" with me in a very structured and empathetic way. 

 I went on a journey with dear Ramona into my inner self to tackle this topic intensively. She approached it very openly and above all without prejudice. She always asked the right questions to get everything out of me. Thank you Ramona for the exciting, enlightening and intense time.

It was a very intense experience. Thank you for everything, dear Ramona."

- Alex, 28.

"Ich hatte das Vergnügen Ramona während unserer gemeinsamen Coachingausbildung kennenzulernen. Im Rahmen dessen hatte ich diverse Male das Glück von ihr zu einigen meiner Themen gecoacht zu werden. Dabei war ich immer wieder erstaunt wie Ramona es schafft zu Themen, über die ich mir schon viele Gedanken gemacht habe, genau die richtigen Fragen zu stellen, um das Problem aus einer anderen Perspektive zu betrachten. Meiner Meinung nach ist Ramona ein Naturtalent im coachen. Durch ihre Empathie, Professionalität und ihr breites Fachwissen knackt sie jede Nuss und schafft es dabei einen Safe Space zu schaffen, in dem man sich wohlfühlt.

Danke Ramona"
- Manon, 26.

"I had the pleasure of getting to know Ramona during our joint coaching training. In the course of this, I was lucky enough to be coached by her several times on some of my topics. I was always amazed how Ramona manages to ask exactly the right questions on topics that I have already thought about a lot, in order to look at the problem from a different perspective. In my opinion, Ramona is a natural at coaching. Through her empathy, professionalism and broad expertise, she cracks every nut while managing to create a safe space where you feel comfortable. Thank you Ramona."

- Manon, 26.


a collection of expanders, inspirations and collaborations.

currently in accumulation.

coming soon.

There's room for you.


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